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UKiset stands for UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test.
It provides schools with the information they need when considering overseas applicants of age 9.5 to 18.

What is UKiset?

The UK independent schools’ entry test is an assessment that international students take when applying to independent schools in the UK. The results of this test help schools to compare the academic skills of students from all over the world to the skills of British students of the same age. The test also gives schools a clear understanding of the level of candidates’ academic English.


At the same time, the test results help prospective students and their families to choose the independent schools that would best suit their academic abilities. The test is for students aged 9.5 to 18 years old and results are valid for one year. Tests can usually be re-taken after six months; however, by taking the test through Britannia students are entitled to re-sit their UKiset after just three months should they wish to improve on their results. 

What does the test involve?

The UKiset is an online assessment that typically takes around 2 hours to complete. It assesses four core elements: English skills, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics.



Test grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing.



Assesses problem-solving with pictures, diagrams and patterns.



Looks at the students’ ability to work with words and language.


Focuses on working with numbers, value and sequences.

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