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Victoria Ng

Subject Tutor

Since 2017, Victoria has been helping UK s atudents with GCSE and A-Level exam preparations for French, Geography and History, and her clients for French and Chinese range from Beginners (A1) to Advanced (C1) levels, age group ranging from as young as 6 to 47 years old.


She is now our Subject Tutor

who helps with :

Educational Background

Victoria did her A Levels in French, History, Geography and Maths at Canford School in Dorset and she graduated from King's College London with a BA in French and Management in 2017. During her year abroad at King's, she completed a six-month study exchange at ESSEC Paris, studying French and Business, and another six months at Université de Genève reading French Literature and Philosophy. Languages aside, she has a huge passion for the arts and she completed an MA in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art in 2019, where she also studied Contemporary Art in New York for a semester exchange. She is currently completing her PGD Certificate in Chinese Art at SOAS in London.

Teaching Approach and Experience

She is originally from Hong Kong and she tutors languages (French, English, Chinese) and humanities (Geography, History and Art History) subjects. She has a huge passion for the arts and her hobbies and education have always revolved around this area with an interest in the business world too. She studied in the UK, France, Switzerland, and the United States for her higher education and she started tutoring after her bachelor's degree in French and Management. She loves helping my students progress and achieve their learning objectives-aiding the academic, intellectual and personal growths of her students are highlights of her tutoring experience, not to mention her own growth as a tutor thanks to her students!

Exams Preparation:

Having experienced the Hong Kong, UK, French, Swiss, and the US education systems, and studied for the DSE, GCSE, and A-Level exams before university, she is able to share her insights into comprehensive and effective studying techniques with students. Together with her knowledge in language learning and a keen interest in the arts and humanities, she offers an extensive teaching methodology that delivers both relevant and empowering learning results, focusing on critical thinking, creativity, and self-development. Sessions will focus on building her students' note-making and memorisation skills, as well as exam questions and answering practices and analyses.



She started learning French at the age of 12 while already bilingual in English and Chinese, and she specialises in tutoring French to native Chinese and English speakers, and vice versa for English and Chinese. Her background in languages, business and the arts have been very helpful in tailoring her sessions to students' individual interests and needs. She offers culturally-rich and contemporary learning materials and teach with methodologies inspired from the various disciplines she studied in. She started her journey with Russian four years ago, allowing Victoria to be in her students' shoes as a fellow learner too! Her classes are theme-based and split between oral, reading and listening comprehension, whilst working on grammar and pronunciation throughout.

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