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UKiset Targeted Additional Studies

These courses provide targeted learning and prepare students to excel in their UKiset.
CS-Group Tuition

Ukiset Verbal Reasoning Preparation Course

Course Descriptions

This course teaches students the verbal reasoning skills that are required for their UKiset assessment. The course includes four hours of tuition (two hours per week) with an expert tutor and all the tuition is one-to-one. Also included is interactive online learning using the industry’s leading adaptive education software. The course also features a final progress report in which the student’s development is assessed and guidance is provided to further improve their learning.

Verbal reasoning is one of the four core skills measured by the UKiset exam. Our individual tuition develops the student’s ability to work confidently with words and language and helps them to excel in their assessment.



This course is suited to students who are preparing to sit their UKiset examination and wish to focus on the verbal reasoning component of the assessment. It works well as a follow-up to our Introduction to UKiset Verbal Reasoning course or our Introduction to UKiset; however, students are also welcome to take this course without having taken any introductory courses.

Online Learning



No. of Lesson Hours

4 hours

Length of Course

2 weeks (2 lessons per week)

Age Group

9-11 (A2+) / 12-14 (B1+) / 15+ (B2+)

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