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Introductory Courses

A great option for students just starting out with their UKiset preparation or for those considering if UKiset is right for them.

Introduction to UKiset Verbal Reasoning

Course Descriptions

This course is designed to introduce students to the verbal reasoning component of the UKiset assessment. It includes an hour of individual tuition with an expert tutor and interactive online learning using the industry’s leading adaptive education software. The course also includes a mock test in which the student’s development throughout the month is assessed towards the end of the course.

Verbal reasoning is one of the four core skills measured by the UKiset exam. Our individual tuition develops the student’s ability to work confidently with words and language and helps them to excel in their assessment.



This course is well-suited to students who wish to gain an understanding of both the UKiset assessment and the verbal reasoning skills required, but who are not taking the exam immediately.

Online Learning



No. of Lesson Hours

1 hour

Age Group

9-11 (A2+) / 12-14 (B1+) / 15+ (B2+)

CS-Group Tuition
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