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Comprehensive Studies

These courses provide complete, expert guidance and tuition for students preparing to take the UKiset. 

Complete UKiset Preparation Course with One-on-one Tuition

Course Descriptions

This course provides complete, expert guidance and individual tuition for students preparing to take the UKiset assessment. Through 12 lesson hours, all with one-to-one teaching, our tutors cover all four of the core elements that make up the UKiset examination: English skills, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics. Students receive 3 lessons per week. Usually each lesson is 1 hour long, please refer to your course advisor for your personal schedule.

Additionally, students are provided with interactive online learning using the industry’s leading adaptive education software. This course also features 2 progress reports in which the student’s development is assessed and guidance is provided to further improve their learning.



This course is ideal for students who wish to excel in their UKiset examination. The one-to-one tuition provided, across all four of the core elements of the UKiset assessment, is the best possible preparation available to students. This course not only ensures that students fully grasp all of the knowledge and skills required, but it also provides plenty of practice to help ease any pre-exam nerves.

There is also the option to re-take the UKiset exam in three months upon completing the full course, should you wish to improve further on your results.

Online Learning



No. of Lesson Hours

12 hours

Length of Course

4 weeks (3 lessons per week)

Age Group

9-11 (A2+) / 12-14 (B1+) / 15+ (B2+)

CS-Group Tuition
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