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University Entrance Preparation 

These courses prepare students for the university entrance process and help them to secure competitive places at the UK’s elite institutions. Courses include personal statement guidance, interview coaching, assessment tuition and Oxbridge mentoring.
CS-Group Tuition

Personalised Subject Mentoring  for University Applications

Course Descriptions

This course consists of three key lessons to help students succeed in their university applications.  


It focuses on the university application process itself, but also goes further by helping students to broaden their knowledge of their chosen subject, teaching them how to effectively plan their studies and providing tailored intellectual coaching for the elite university entrance tests.  


The course covers:  

- Broadening of subject knowledge

- Writing and perfecting the personal statement

- Academic planning

- Intellectual coaching (applicable to Oxbridge and G5 university applicants)

- A premium tuition progress report    



This course is designed for any student applying to university.

No. of Lesson Hours


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