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Our Tutor Team

Our expert team of tutors, former school admissions staff and interview coaches, along with leading adaptive-learning software, help international students to 



Through a wide range of specially developed courses and expert tuition from some of the world’s leading educators, Gateway allowed us to go beyond anything that we had achieved before. More than just helping students to choose the right school or university, now, we could get them there too.

unlock their potential, achieve top results and gain offers to the best schools and universities in the UK.

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Teachers from UK’ s Top 1 Sixth Form College

Graduates from top universities, including Oxbridge

Anthony Lee

Former Head of Education of tutorial centre

Specialise in UK boarding school admissions

Anthony Li

Graduate from Oxbridge

Education Columnist

Lawrence Tubb

Interview Tutor

Andrew Betts

Senior Tutor

Bennjamyn Smith

Interview Tutor

Alex Tsui

Senior Tutor

Christy Chan

Senior Tutor

Joyce Yim

Senior Tutor, Admissions Tutor

Roshan Daryanani

Subject Tutor

Yida Chua

Subject Tutor

Kai Wang

Subject Tutor

Siobhan Yeung

Subject Tutor

Marco Ng

Subject Tutor

Hong Kong Headquarters

28/F, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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