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Our Approach

Britannia Gateway provides your stepping stone to UK education. 

How Do We Work

We bring together the expertise of leading educators and tutors with some of the most advanced adaptive learning software available today. 

Accessible education with Atom Learning

We understand the importance of accessibility in today’s world. By using a combination of offline and online services, including Atom Learning - an innovative adaptive learning platform - we ensure that students can always proceed along their personal education path, whatever the wider challenges and day-to-day disruptions their communities may be facing.

It all begins with...

Your Consultation

We start off with a personal consultation that takes place either via the telephone or face-to-face. Together, you and our expert team will work out what it is exactly that you are aiming for. Then, if applicable, we will also provide an academic assessment. 

Selecting a Course

Next, it’s time to decide which of our courses or services would be best for you. Depending on the age of the student, their current academic level and their education goals, we will suggest courses and a suitable time period.

Tracking Your Progress

Once you have begun your course, we will monitor results to make sure that you are making good progress and to confirm that the course is the right one for you. Some of our courses, such as the complete UKiset courses, also include regular reports with a break-down of student progress. 

What Do We Cover

We cover everything that a student could possibly need from the age of 9 to 19.


Our UKiset courses prepare students for entering the whole range of UK schools. That means both boarding and day places at independent schools as well as places at grammar schools and state schools. Through reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and maths preparation courses, we get students from Hong Kong and across Asia ready for the UK. And through our interview preparation courses, we know how to give any child the confidence to present themselves well and politely at school interviews. 


For those further along in their education, we provide courses to help students achieve top grades in their public exams. We know that these can be incredibly stressful, with so much riding on the results and numerous other changes being adjusted to throughout adolescence.


Courses cover:

GCSE, A-Level, IB and HKDSE

Our courses for university applications provide expert guidance on everything from mastering the personal statement to gaining a place at Oxbridge. 

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