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Message from

Director of Examination 

A word from our Director of Examinations...

When UKiset launched in Hong Kong in 2014,

Britannia StudyLink was the single most enthusiastic organisation to embrace

this new assessment and support British schools in finding their future students.

There is no other organisation that has done more to support students in

taking their UKiset tests. Apart from assisting students to prepare for the assessment, Britannia helps families to interpret UKiset results. This ensures the best match between school and student and many schools work closely with Britannia for this very reason.

I have worked tirelessly to ensure that families are not misled in what kind of preparation

is best for this kind of assessment. Endless example papers will make precious little difference if quality time is not spent working on the very specific skills being tested.


Britannia has always understood this and has developed a series of courses

that address the very specific skillsets assessed by UKiset.

I am delighted to be working with the BSL team to ensure that your child receives the

very best guidance on how to demonstrate their academic potential to their next school.

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