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Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Lawrence Tubb

Interview Tutor

Lawrence is an Oxford graduate with 17 years of teaching experience, including nine as Director of Music at Wycombe Abbey. He has a wide range of interests and teaching capabilities and lovely helping students to fulfil their potential!

He is now our Interview Tutor who helps with :

Educational Background

  • BA (Hons) Music - Worcester College, University of Oxford (2003)

  • A-levels - Music (A), French (A), Spanish (A) - Charterhouse School

    He was a music scholar at the Royal College of Music Junior Department and Charterhouse School, and Choral and Piano Scholar at Oxford University. His interests have always been varied and he has loved teaching, in addition to Music, History and Global Perspectives to A-level, as well as helping students to enhance their general academic and inter-personal skills. His interests include the interaction between arts, literature, history and social science, as well as technology and science. He has a deep interest in the future direction of education and believe in the value of a multi-disciplinary and cross-curricular approach, encouraging creativity and problem-solving, to prepare students for the modern world.

Teaching Approach and Experience

  • 2018-20 - private tutoring for GCSE and A-level students (both those struggling and those needing further stretch and challenge) in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia

  • 2010-19 - teaching ages 11-18 classes and individuals at Wycombe Abbey

  • 2003-2010 - teaching ages 11-18 classes and individuals at Leweston School, Sherborne

His approach is tailored to the individual and their goals. Fundamentally he believes that education is about opening minds and encouraging students to enhance their understanding of subjects, themselves and the world by making links.

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