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Our UKiset Tutors

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Kai Wang

Subject Tutor

Kai has an extensive background in English language writing and teaching. He has studied under award winning writers and poets at Warwick University. He believes that each student is unique and adapts his teaching to their needs.

He is now our Subject Tutor who helps with :



“Anderson said he enjoy the lesson with Mr Kai and I can see the improvement of Anderson. He is enjoying the lesson despite English language is not his favour subject. Thank you!!”

— Mom of Anderson

Educational Background

  • University of Warwick, Masters of Arts in Writing degree, September 2016 - October 2017

  • CELTA qualification, University of Warwick, - July 2017

  • University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Journalism double major degree, second major in history. September 2011 - December 2014

  • IB Diploma from Dulwich College Beijing — June-2011


He was born and raised in Germany, and since a young age, has been attending international schools. He finished his IB Diploma at Dulwich College, then completed his bachelors degree at HKU, and finally went to the UK for his graduate degree and teaching qualification.

Teaching Approach and Experience

He has a wide range of tutoring experience. He has taught IELTS to and UKiset to local school students as well as international school students. He is aware of the distinct cultural differences between the different kinds of students in Hong Kong, and adapt my teaching accordingly. He has also taught academic English to adult students at Warwick University.

His background is split between Europe and China, which allows him to be profoundly aware of the cultural differences that students from different backgrounds in Hong Kong have. He adapts his teaching approach depending on the background and personality of the student in order to make sure that they get the most out of the lesson. Thorough his extensive teaching experience, he's learned the different pitfalls local school and international school students have with English tests, and he targets these issues methodically. 

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