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Jenkin Leung

Subject Tutor . Admissions Coach

Jenkin is a second-year Linguistics student who loves teaching creative and academic writing. He likes to help students develop their passion in the humanities and social sciences.


He is now our Subject Tutor

who helps with :

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics) - University of California, Berkeley

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

- Chinese (5**), English (5**), Liberal Studies (5*), Biology (5*), Chemistry (5*)


He is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Data Science. He is currently a research assistant in

a project about monogenesis as he is interested in Historical Linguistics. For the same reason, he is now studying Sanskrit

and trying to understand more about language changes

in the Indo-European language family.

Teaching Approach and Experience

His main goal is to engage students in active learning, so he is constantly adapting his teaching style to fit the student's needs and interests. His classes often involves conversations, as he likes to receive feedback from students and he likes to learn more about them.


His wide range of experience includes: 


  • Oxford TSA

  • UCAS Personal Statement

  • 11+ English and Abstract Reasoning

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