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Boarding School

Entrance Preparation 

These courses prepare students for the UK boarding school entrance process
and help them to secure competitive places at the UK’s elite institutions. 
CS-Group Tuition

Admission Interview

Course Descriptions

This course provides students with expert coaching for their school entrance interviews.


Our interview coach helps students to present themselves in the best possible light when they attend school interviews. Through two hours of coaching and practice interviews, students are given both the ability and the confidence to impress school interviewees and to gain places at the UK’s top independent schools. 



Many of our courses already include progress meetings, however, if parents or students wish for more time with advisors then extra meetings are a good option. Students on courses that do not already include progress meetings, such as individual tuition sessions, may wish to book occasional progress meetings to ensure that they remain on-track for exam success.

Age Group

9-11 (A2+) / 12-14 (B1+) / 15+ (B2+)


— Aiden and Amelia's mother

“Ms Chrissy Laycock is great! My kids have got a lot of useful skills in handling interviews que- stions and in proper manner and tone of voice! Thanks again for all your help!”

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