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Our UKiset Tutors

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Andrew Betts

Senior Tutor

Andrew has just retired from teaching Modern Languages at Lancing College for 30 years. 

He is now our Senior Tutor who helps with :

Educational Background

  • PhD in German Linguistics

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Translation from French

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language

    Andrew is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a Chartered Linguist. He has published a French Grammar Book.

Teaching Approach and Experience

  • 30 years teaching languages at Lancing College

He was a Housemaster for 12 years and was Registrar for his last 5 years at Lancing, responsible for interviewing and recruiting pupils from all over the world. He has extensive experience in interviewing candidates from Hong Kong.


His style is that of a tutorial, with emphasis on the engagement of the pupil and explanation. He has a very sympathetic approach and has endless patience.

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