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About Britannia Gateway

Britannia Gateway provides your stepping stone to UK education. 

Our expert team of tutors, former school admissions staff and interview coaches,

along with leading adaptive-learning software, help international students to unlock their potential,

achieve top results and gain offers to the best schools and universities in the UK.

Who Are We?

Britannia Gateway grew out of Britannia StudyLink -

one of Hong Kong’s leading international education agencies. In 2014,

after becoming the first school agency to work with UKiset in Hong Kong

and setting up the first official test centre in the region,

we knew that it wasn’t enough to just help students find the right school or university - we wanted to get them there too.


Samuel Chan

The Managing Director, Samuel Chan, understands first-hand the meaning of unlocking student potential. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he struggled for years with the local education system, achieving below average results and feeling as though his teachers had lost interest in him. Then, when he went to a UK boarding school his life changed forever. He gained the confidence that allowed him to express himself and try new things.

Academically, his grades rocketed and he eventually went on to one of the

UK’s top universities. His potential was always there, it just had to be unlocked. Britannia Gateway exists to help other students uncover

their talents and achieve what they are truly capable of.


Hong Kong Headquarters

28/F, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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